100 unethical things we do every day

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100 unethical acts which we commit every day:


Pay taxes which:

Support the war machine

Support dominators

Are invested in “aid” programmes which further exploit the Third World

Support ‘health care’ programmes which don’t improve health but rather deflect attention from the causes of ill­health: poverty, pollution, poor housing, isolation, inappropriate living and working arrangements; decimation of families etc.

Support education programmes generate incompetence, manufacture differentials which compel participation in a dysfunctional society etc.

Are used to build highways which transport identical goods in opposite directions using trucks which consume vast quantities of fuel.

Support social workers who impose their definition of “the problem” on other people and take children “out of poverty” instead of remedying the poverty.

Vote in elections – ie for dominators who at best seek to cure problems caused by social systems failures and the previous acts of dominators by domination and for a “political” system dominated by diversionary issues

– such as health budgets and arrangements, educational arrangements, transportation arrangements

– and precludes citizen participation, systems change, catering for diversity

– and, in the end, legitimises abdication of personal responsibility insisting that it be usurped by “those who know best”; they will solve our problems when, in reality, it is only we (collectively) who can do so. Thus, by voting, we contribute to a system which obfuscates, mystifies, and disempowers.

Invest in banks and building societies who suck money and resources from poor communities, acquire ownership of their productive capacity, and promote the growth of the rich and the powerful.

Buy newspapers and, in this way, both reinforce the myths they propagate about the workings of society, a focus on power and trivia, diversion onto trivia like pornography and pin­up girls, reinforce a preoccupation with “knowledge” to the exclusion of action, and contribute to the destruction of the rain forests.

Buy foods produced by energy and chemical intensive agriculture and airlifted backwards and forw

ards around the world, packaged in plastics.

Buy goods made in China, Indonesia and elsewhere which have both destructive effects on their producers and require massive are freight subsidies and pollution.

Wear clothes sporting brand names which drip with blood.

Use computers, the manufacture of which pollutes huge quantities of water and destroys fish stocks.

Use electricity generated by gas or nuclear power which uses vast amounts of water for cooling and destroys fish stocks.

Contribute to the development, production, and marketing (including financial services and advertising) of junk foods, junk toys, junk insurance, junk investment, junk education, junk health care, junk research.

Contribute to the destruction of community care and its replacement by carers, police, social workers, tranquelisers, drugs based medicine.

Claim to care when those we claim to care for either do not need us or are beyond our help

Visit: www.eyeonsociety.co.uk  A website that was set up to publish and discuss studies which throw light on the operation of society as a whole and the steps that need to be taken to improve its functioning




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