Forced to live?

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Forced to live?
Forced to live? | 27.02.2019

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Die Erfahrung

Years ago a woman from the Netherlands signed a declaration for euthanasia (German: Euthanasie) in order to be able to influence her end-of-life situation. She specified the criteria under which she wished her life to be ended. At the age of 85 and suffering from dementia these criteria seem to be fulfilled. The woman cannot express her will clearly anymore. It is up to her son to decide what to do. Is his mother suffering so much that her life should be ended? Is what she stated years ago as theory, still valid today when the situation became real? In this podcast he shares his thoughts on this situation. © Schuhfried



I love talking to people and learning about their lives. I am always nervous before I have an interview. I meet a person for the first time and he talks about very personal experiences. You never know in which direction the interview goes. It is always a journey; a trip to a part of one´s life that one shares with me and the listener of radioCORE. I have been doing podcasts for radioCORE since 2018.


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