Our final moments before her death on request

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Her end of life decision
Our final daye together before her death on request | 30.01.2019

Die Erfahrung

A woman reflects on the time with her partner together before she died because of cancer three years ago. She remembers the last years and days together. About the last moments before euthanasia (German: Euthanasie) ended the life of the partner. She explains why the partner wanted a controlled and timed end of her life. How they felt when the final act came nearer and nearer and finally should be conducted. She shares her experience as a widow shortly after the death, but also in the years afterwards and how she and her life changed. Her thankfulness for the good times they had together. © Schuhfried; Mixing&Mastering: Lampl




I love talking to people and learning about their lives. I am always nervous before I have an interview. I meet a person for the first time and she talks about very personal experiences. You never know in which direction the interview goes. It is always a journey; a trip to a part of ones life that one shares with me and the listener of radioCORE. I have been recording stories for radioCORE since 2018.


Krankheit, Tod, Neuorientierung, Partner, Pflege