old guy who has been involved in policy relevant research for 60 years.


Functioning of governance and financial system ... paricurlarly non-sustainability of the way we live ... need for degrowth. Main current interest is in extending work on sociocybernetics. Range of interests best discerned from



Raven, J. (2018) A critique of von Weizsäcker, E.U., & Wijkman, A. (with 34 collaborators) (2018) Come On! Capitalism, Short-termism, Population and the Destruction of the Planet – A Report to the Club of Rome.


This article offers a critique of, rather than a review of, this, 50th anniversary, report to the Club of Rome. The authors claim to recognise the need to radically change our way of life if we are to survive as a species. But it is not at all clear that they realise just how radical that change needs to be.... Unfortunately, virtually all such innovations have, in the past, been eliminated by a seemingly inexorable onward march of hierarchy. The position taken in this article is that the way forward, if it exists, is to be found by extending the Systems Dynamics Modelling work undertaken by the authors of Limits to Growth to include mapping the networks of social forces...To facilitate this discussion, a large section of this article is devoted to providing more information about what lies behind the projections made in Limits to Growth than is included in the book andthen illustrating how that work could be extended. Key words: Systems Dynamics Modelling; Financialisation; Debt; Fictitious Money;

Capitalism; Ecological Footprint; Governance; Wealth; Public servant; Neo-liberalism; Social Darwinism; Market process.

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