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Share your experiences with others. Tell us about important decisions that you have made or want to make. About your experiences and your opinion on certain situations. Allow others to understand your situation. To recognize the why. Share what you have learned from your situation and what you want others to take away from it. This will allow others to see the world through your eyes. It will help others in their decision-making, may open up new perspectives ("Interesting, I hadn't seen it that way before.") or encourage others to make decisions and to stay positive in difficult situations.

Your contributions can be pictures, stories, songs or podcasts.

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radioCORE gives people a voice that otherwise would remain unheard. Taboos are welcome. By these stories you learn insights into different ways and priorities of life. As an addition to these subjective reports radioCORE presents papers on sociopsychological topics (academic) as well as consulting services offered by relevant organizations (help).

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Do you want others to understand your situation? Present new ways of looking at things or offer words of encouragement? Have you gained important insights on a certain topic? Share your story with others. Join in! Contact radioCORE and make your voice heard.

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