Telling stores, sharing experiences

Share your experiences with others. Tell us about important decisions that you have made or want to make. About your experiences and your opinion on certain situations. Allow others to understand your situation. To recognize the why. Share what you have learned from your situation and what you want others to take away from it. This will allow others to see the world through your eyes. It will help others in their decision-making, may open up new perspectives ("Interesting, I hadn't seen it that way before.") or encourage others to make decisions and to stay positive in difficult situations.

Your contributions can be pictures, stories, songs or podcasts. You can upload up to 5 MB. If you need more, contact us.

Creating podcasts is not hard at all. Think about what you want to say and make a script. Then record the story. You can also have a friend interview you. If you want, you can accompany your podcast with music. It is entirely up to you how much effort you want to put into presenting your experience. When you're done (or better earlier) with the podcast, contact radioCORE.

A few important tips to keep in mind:
- Speak naturally and clearly, with your own voice, as if you were talking to a friend.

- Keep your sentences short. It's best to have lots of short sentences than one long monolog.

- Never mention personal details, real names or addresses that might make it easy for others to identify you, your friends or your relatives. Stay anonymous. Honest, but anonymous.

- Don't swear or use foul or defamatory language.

- Don't use radioCORE to air any political or religious views. Avoid discrimination and general disparagements.

- Respect copyright. Third-party material may not be used without permission. Secret recordings are prohibited; you always need the consent of the people involved.

- Always follow the radioCOREguidelines.

If you would prefer to make the podcast with us, just describe your project, contact us and we will get back to you.


People talk about experiences on radioCORE that are often regarded as social taboos. For others affected by these issues, this is a source of hope and courage. Those who have not had similar experiences gain insights into different ways of life and viewpoints. radioCORE also presents scientific approaches (academic) as well as consulting services offered by relevant organizations (help).

join in!

Do you want others to understand your situation? Present new ways of looking at things or offer words of encouragement? Have you gained important insights on a certain topic? Share your story with others. Join in! Contact radioCORE and make your voice heard.

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