Who and why

radioCORE is a worldwide network of storytellers, reporters and musicians.

radioCORE was founded in 2017 by Gerald Schuhfried. Our storytellers, reporters and musicians are supported by the company, but they work for no direct financial consideration. The first stories were published in 2018.

All people who are working for radioCORE want that different ways of life and values ​​from different countries, cultures and social classes are better known and better understood.

In short personal stories, the storytellers on radioCORE give their perspective on situations they have experienced. They address a broad audience with their stories and thus give inside in their views, thoughts and feelings.

The international network of musicians is responsible for the appropriate music for the story. Special music is composed depending on the topic of the story and the country of the story-teller. Young, old, experienced, vocal, instrumental, it doesn't matter how, artists demonstrate their fantastic skills here.

The willingness of the storytellers to share their personal experiences with other people means that their situation and their motives can be better understood. Their stories give the listeners the opportunity to take something home: inspiration, courage, knowledge.

Inspiration. Courage. Knowledge.
Personal stories from people from all over the world on the topics of identity, taboos and life crises.