radioCORE is 100% owned by Gerald Schuhfried. The project is financed by Gerald's own funds and by sponsors listed on the website.

Gerald recognized the need for radioCORE in 2012 following several conversations with Prof. John Raven, the founder of eye on society, a website that seeks to make psychological research findings available to the wider society. Gerald was fascinated by the idea of a platform that combines science (theory) with everyday experiences (practice), a platform where academics and non-academics could meet and share their experiences about difficult situations and decisions in life. This is how the concept of radioCORE got started. radioCORE was originally conceived as a conventional radio station where socially relevant topics could be explored and discussed. The "core" focus was to be on the stress and dilemma of sacrificing one's own needs and values in favor of adapting to social conventions and expectations – that's how the project came to be called radioCORE. The progress of technology has shown, however, that online radio has many advantages over conventional radio and so the decision was taken to deploy radioCORE as an online platform that could always be accessed on demand. Initially available in German and English, radioCORE will become multilingual with the addition of more languages at a later stage.

In early 2017, Gerald mentioned the idea to a longtime friend, Eduardo Castaneda. Eduardo was thrilled and the first English podcasts were done by him. radioCORE was officially born in the summer of 2017.


radioCORE gives people a voice that otherwise would remain unheard. Taboos are welcome. By these stories you learn insights into different ways and priorities of life. As an addition to these subjective reports radioCORE presents papers on sociopsychological topics (academic) as well as consulting services offered by relevant organizations (help).

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Do you want others to understand your situation? Present new ways of looking at things or offer words of encouragement? Have you gained important insights on a certain topic? Share your story with others. Join in! Contact radioCORE and make your voice heard.

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