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"For the first time in my life, it was a decision just for me. Not for anyone else. It was great!" Anna, 58, from the podcast "It's never too late to start again. A new career at 52."

The reports and posts on radioCORE should make it easier to understand and assess one's own personal situation and the situations of others. Also, and especially, when it comes to taboo topics. Learning about the experiences and views of others helps people to reflect on their own attitudes. radioCORE gives people the possibility to share their stories and to express their opinions by describing their personal situation. The listener is invited to form new opinions.

People who are in a similar situation recognize through the posts that they are not the only ones in such a situation. They may also discover new solutions and new approaches. By making people realize that they aren't alone, the contributions on radioCORE can encourage people to make difficult decisions. And they can give people the strength to stay positive in difficult situations.

radioCORE does not give advice. On the contrary, radioCORE may even sometimes raise questions. The individual situation of a person always needs an individual solution. People must find this by themselves, but often with the help of others. The reports on radioCORE are autobiographical and therefore very subjective – but they address a broad audience, if not society as a whole.

Solutions are not always "black and white", or "right and wrong", they are different for different people, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. What they usually all have in common is that most of the time they involve making compromises. It always makes sense to try to understand different perspectives. To learn from other people's experiences, to understand others better – that's why radioCORE.


People talk about experiences on radioCORE that are often regarded as social taboos. For others affected by these issues, this is a source of hope and courage. Those who have not had similar experiences gain insights into different ways of life and viewpoints. radioCORE also presents scientific approaches (academic) as well as consulting services offered by relevant organizations (help).

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