Everyone is good at something – recognizing multiple talents

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Everyone is good at something

With more than 50 years working in research Mr. John Raven has a lot to say about multiple talents and how they can be recognised and nurtured in schools so that everyone can end up good at something and having their talents recognised. He begins by presenting an environmentally-based project work in a school to nurture, recognise, and utilise multiple talents. That the pupils were developing the competencies of the scientist – the ability to problematize, adventure into the unknown, invent methods, and draw some kind of conclusion. Thus the pupils were encouraged to think of each other in terms of what they were good at … not in terms of “who is smart and who is stupid”. Everyone is good at something. Jane is good at … Peter is good at … More on that topic on the webite of John Raven www.eyeonsociety.co.uk.



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