Join in! Play and compose for radioCORE

What is and what does a radioCORE musician

Become part of the radioCORE ensemble: as a composer, as a player or both. radioCORE musicians often use already composed pieces and rewrite them for radioCORE. Or they compose something completely new that fits the narrator's topic and culture perfectly. Many composers like that they can also create very short music sequences for the radioCORE stories. Musicians want to contribute to the creation and public awareness of the stories on radioCORE because they think it is good that these stories get a wide audience.

To play for radioCORE gives  have a good opportunity to make music together with many other people from the radioCORE ensemble. We currently have: 2x violin, cello, 2x double bass (1x electric bass), 1x trumpet, 1x alto saxophone, 1x clarinet, 2x guitar (1x electric guitar), some pianos, 2x drums and many soprano, alto, tenor - and bass voices. Our community is growing constantly.
The stories on radioCORE last a maximum of 15 minutes. You can use the radioCORE reporter to determine how much the music gets from it. Short sequences in the narrative, a long one at the end, an intro, etc. Whatever you think fits well to the story and the message of the storyteller.

Why we need musicians

Music makes the differenc. Initially, we purchased music pieces from platforms for our stories. After an experiment with the young musicians, Niklas Chroust and Tobias Antonic, it turned out that music specially composed to the words of the storyteller adds great value to the narrative. The feedback from the listeners was overwhelming. Now the stories on radioCORE are not only about the content of the words, but also about enjoying the right music. The words of the storyteller and the unique music of the artists shape the story into a beautiful work.

We look forward to you! Write to

Our musicians

Niklas: I listen to the words and then compose the music so that the music underlines and amplifies the effect of the words.


Danny: My goal was to give the listeners the feeling that the life of everyone of us could have a sort of soundtrack that is part of our story




Alessandro: The chance of creating an appropriate musical accompaniment for the radioCORE stories is very stimulating for me as a composer. It gives me the opportunity to be “one more partner” within the crew of this great project. I recommend it to all musicians: choose the story you like the best and listen ... as soon as you connect with the feeling of that tale, your music will flow out: it's very exciting!



Claudia: I went out for a morning walk and jotted down my feelings and all images that came to mind while listening to radioCORE stories. Afterwards, in the studio, I recorded beats to emphasise the anecdotes, reflections, and teachings that struck a chord with me.

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