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What is and what does a radioCORE-Reporter?

Reporters working for radioCORE want to make rarely heard voices to be heard. They record people’s accounts of past experiences and turn them into personal stories. The result is an audio recording of a maximum of 15 minutes in length that is published on They create a beautiful work of their own that they can be proud of. Because it conveys something that is important to them.

Why we need reporters?

Reporters of radioCORE make the diversity of different ways of living and priorities in life better known and understood. Their stories open people’s eyes.

There are few better ways to draw attention to certain situations than through stories of personal experiences. On radioCORE, people share personal experiences, in their own words, that are important to them and by doing so give us a chance to understand them better. The more personal stories we have from as many different people speaking about as many different situations as possible, the more we have the chance to get to know different ways of living and priorities in life from people near and far. Because nobody can describe feelings, emotions and motivations better than the person who has experienced them for themselves.

A focus of every story is therefore the “why”. The narrators tell their story because they want their situation (and thus different situations) or themselves to be better understood. They address their message to the general public, to a broad audience. But they also want to share something with certain individuals, namely those who find themselves in a similar situation to their own. They want to offer these people hope and encouragement.

The stories told on radioCORE are audio only. There is no video and the narrators are kept entirely anonymous.

As a reporter working for radioCORE, you will learn how audio recordings are used as a medium to convey personal experiences. You will receive a glimpse of the media world and learn how to use the tools needed to create audio stories. But not only that, because creating a story also involves many other practical activities that will be useful to you in other fields in the future: finding people to interview, managing conversations, storytelling or writing texts and titles. All these things can be of use to you in many different areas of life. But the most important thing is that your contribution will enable you to make other situations and ways of life more understandable. You can create a beautiful work of your own that you can be proud of. Because it conveys something that is important to you

radioCORE will support you in creating your story free of charge via a learning platform and feedback loops. In exchange, you let radioCORE publish your story free of charge on We are also happy to support you financially by paying you an expense allowance.

The story-making process

Creating a good story is not rocket science. Though it isn’t all that easy either. So what do you need? First of all, you need someone who is willing to talk to you about an experience that is important to them and to share their story with others. Then you meet this person, record the conversation, edit the recording and put the different parts of the conversation together so you have a good story. A good story effectively conveys your narrator’s feelings and motivations. It conveys what is important to the narrator. It is also important to have a good title for your story and a short and catchy description.

There are four criteria for radioCORE stories:

  1. The story is autobiographical; the narrators talk about a situation they have experienced themselves
  2. The situation needs to deal with the topic of identitiy, taboo, life crisis or life stories.
  3. The narrator’s voice is the only voice to appear in the story (except in foreign-language dubbing)
  4. The story is a short narration and lasts a maximum of 15 minutes

Apart from these three constraints, the story can be arranged as desired.

Next steps

Contact radioCORE! You will receive a link to the learning platform and you can get started!

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