radioCORE is a source of inspiration

radioCORE is an online platform for sharing stories. A platform that makes it possible to understand people's different priorities, viewpoints and approaches. radioCORE gives people a voice that otherwise may not be heard. It is about expressing and forming opinions.

People share personal experiences on radioCORE and talk about their current situation. They touch on taboo topics and difficulties they have encountered in pursuing their needs. They describe the solutions and strategies they have found for themselves in difficult moments. These stories are an inspiration for people in similar situations. These reports open other people's eyes and make it possible to understand different ways of life, different priorities and different ways of handling situations They are a source of courage and strength.

radioCORE presents scientific approaches to health and social topics (academic, see profile below). This information is available in a simple and understandable manner with a great deal of practical relevance.

Organizations offering professional support can register on radioCORE so users can learn about the availability of relevant services (help, see profile below). These organizations or companies present their expertise and also post their own contributions on the various topics.

As an online platform, radioCORE provides easy access to the information without financial or social barriers. radioCORE is neither regional nor is it restricted to specific groups. The service is available worldwide and for a broad segment of society.

User contributions to radioCORE are varied and diverse. These contributions can be made in the form of blogs, songs, drawings, pictures or poems. But most are podcasts. Listening to stories, voices, on a podcast makes it easy to put yourself in someone else's shoes. The contributions can be made in German or English. In order to create your own posts and to be able to comment on others, users must register on radioCORE and assign themselves to a profile. The following profiles, or user types, are available on radioCORE:

classic user

A person who is interested in the topics on radioCORE, wants to share his or her story and get in touch with others.

role model

A person, famous or not, who has experienced one or more situations in which he or she has made difficult personal decisions and has acted on them, successfully or not. Celebrities or well-known personalities are Ambassadors at radioCORE. That makes it easier for you to follow their story and their statements on important topics. Ambassadors can be politicians, artists, athletes or simply activists. Some Ambassadors do not want their name to be known in this context. Because otherwise they could not say everything they would want. That's why radioCORE also has Secret Ambassadors – they say it all. Really everything – just not their name. Sorry!


An academic is a person whose radioCORE posts provide scientific approaches to psychological or social/societal topics. For example, current research results on a certain illness or disease. Or important studies/publications on the subject of education or school.


This category includes companies/organizations that provide professional advice. They give information about their services, their expertise and contact possibilities. And, of course, they also post valuable information. Some organizations offer a promotion of 50 free hours for the initial consultation. Whether and how many hours currently are available free of charge can be seen on their profile at


radioCORE gives people a voice that otherwise would remain unheard. Taboos are welcome. By these stories you learn insights into different ways and priorities of life. As an addition to these subjective reports radioCORE presents papers on sociopsychological topics (academic) as well as consulting services offered by relevant organizations (help).

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